Shipping or Pickup


Puppies that are large enough to withstand some of the stressful aspects of a plane ride are shipped on a direct flight from Houston to a major airport in you area.

I usually ship Continental Airlines, because they are set up for pets and have a direct flight to most major airports. Shipping is done through Continental's Quick Pack Counter. The cost, including carrier and health certificate, is $275.00-325.00, (not home delivered) and must be paid in full prior to shipping.

mhktreeAnother option is to pick up the puppy in person and return it with you on the plane. Note: if you plan two-three weeks in advance you can usually get flights into Houston for near or even less than the standard shipping costs quoted above.

We do reserve the right to request that you pickup our tiniest babies to prevent the stress of shipping so please understand we have our babies best interest at heart.


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