Avoid the hassle frustration and learn how to housebreak your dog.

Keep them off limits

You have to designate a spot

For a new puppy or untrained dog

Wait patiently

TIP: You know a dog needs to go when they start sniffing and circling an area.

Clap or call their name out loud

If your dog lapses into the pattern of squatting where they feel like doing their business, you can correct this by clapping loudly and calling their name using just enough authority to make them stop mid-squat. DON'T YELL or you might not like the consequences.

Once you have their attention, do not fuss or berate them. Instead, silently lead him to his usual spot outside so he can re-acquaint himself again.

This is the hardest part

Set a time for their meals

Nothing will come easily for you and your dog especially on the subject of house breaking but with patience you will be able to train them quickly enough to your satisfaction.


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